Computer & Device Repair or Replacement



We offer a comprehensive repair service, from laptop and mobile phone screens to new batteries, chargers or power supply units, from motherboards to keyboards we can get you running again.  

If the cost of repair is uneconomical we will advise you of this and can offer a highly competitively priced new or re-furbished replacement.

EAS Computer Services will always provide you with open and honest advice about the available options and attributed costs so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.​

​Refurbished laptops start as low as £99 or £199 for desktops

All computers we supply include a fully licensed Windows 10 operating system and 12 month warranty unless otherwise stated. ​


iDevice Repair Service

A question we get asked all the time is "A screen is just a screen is'nt it anything will do?"

"No.... A good screen is not cheap - A cheap screen is not good!"

Your mobile is a very expensive piece of tech for example to buy an iPhone 7 128GB outright will cost you anywhere between £600 and £700, even refurbished you are looking at £400

With the screen being around 2/3rds of actual phone then a £25 screen is just not going to be up to the job , see our iDevice page for more information.